1. Their use and abuse

    The Union considers that temporary/fixed term contracts should only be used in strictly defined circumstances:

    1. To cover for a lengthy absence caused by secondment, maternity leave, other leave of absence or extended sickness.
    2. To cover a vacancy pending a permanent appointment.
    3. To cover a class mid-year to secure the curriculum for pupils, but where it has been clearly shown to Union reps that the school has to reduce its staffing establishment in the immediate future.

    In other cases, particularly where financial "flexibility" is the reason, the Union would generally oppose the use of such contracts. Contact the Office if members feel that these contracts are being used for other purposes.

  2. The terms of the contracts

    1. Fixed term - e,g, for the Summer Term - in this case, the teacher would receive 1/3 of a year's pay for having worked one whole term. This covers the Summer holiday period. If the period extended until the following October half-term, the pay for September/October would be calculated on a 1/365 basis and it would stop on the date specified in the contract.
    2. Temporary contracts - here the end date of the contract is not specified - for instance where the contract is to cover for an illness the length of which cannot be specified in advance. For these contracts, a teacher is paid 1/365 of the relevant yearly rate. Where the teacher works a whole term, he/she will be paid 1/3 of the yearly rate, but if the person returns before the end of a term, the pay stops on the last day that the teacher works.

  3. Employment Rights

    Teachers on fixed term or temporary contracts may have rights concerning the termination of their contracts. These may include the right to redundancy pay, or the consideration of alternative employment, or the right to claim unfair dismissal. If a member is facing the termination of her/his contract then she/he should contact the Union Office. The link below goes to the procedures which apply in such cases..