The following schedule is taken from the Authority's Conditions of Service for Teachers SCHEDULE


Teachers have entitlements to leave of absence in the event of sickness, maternity, paternity, adoption, involvement in examinations, jury and other public service, and carrying out trade union duties. Some information on the scope of these can be found elsewhere on this website in the Conditions of Service section. Detailed queries can be made to the Bradford NUT Office.

Below are other locally negotiated entitlements.



Reason for Absence Maximum Period of Absence (school days) Where with or without pay

Death of member of immediate family 2 days (with extra travelling time of up to 3 days if necessary) with pay
Remainder without pay

Wedding of member of immediate family* 1 day with pay
Wedding of member of family (other than immediate) 1 day without pay
Holiday of Wife, Husband or Child 10 days without pay
Jury Service as necessary with pay

Attendance at Interviews:
(a) Post connected with education The Council to retain discretion with pay
(b) College or University Up to two colleges (max of 3 days in total) with pay
(c) Others As necessary without pay

Attendance at meetings of Examiners for GCSE or other approved examinations As necessary with pay
Attendance at courses (and for examination study and for examination) approved by the Council As necessary with pay
Other examination leave and study (not directly related to the teacher's job) As approved by the Council on the recommendation of the Headteacher with or without pay

Attendance at volunteer member of TAVR and the like where this is clearly unavoidable Up to 5 days with pay
Remainder without pay

Attendance at a Religious Ceremony or observation of Religious Festival which the Teacher is under moral obligation to attend or observe by reason of his/her membership of, or office in, a Church or Religious Order. Up to 3 days per year with pay

Removal of Home
(a) Teacher joining this Authority 1 day and up to a further 2 days for travelling at the discretion of the Headteacher with pay
(b) Teacher moving house within the district 1 day with pay

Representatives of Trade Unions attending Annual Conferences and taking part in formal consultation with representatives of this Authority or at National or Provincial level. refer to NUT Office
Illness of member of immediate family 2 days with pay

Hospital attendance:
Self 1 day with pay
Immediate family with the exception of grandparents and grandchildren 1 day with pay

Attendance at University Graduation Ceremony etc. where self or member of immediate family is receiving a Degree, Diploma or Certificate 1 day with pay
Other urgent or private family business Up to 1 day without pay
Attendance of husband at birth of his child Up to 2 days at discretion of Headteacher with pay

(NB This leave is only applicable to a teacher who does not qualify for 10 days paternity leave. )

NB For the purpose of this scheme "immediate family" shall include:-
Wife, Father, Mother-in-law, Partner, Husband, Brother, Father-in-law, Stepfather, Son, Sister, Grandmother, Stepmother, Daughter, Guardian, Grandfather, Stepbrother, Mother, Ward, Grandchild, Stepsister, Stepchildren

Note- The Authority normally recognizes family relationships which involve unmarried partners on the same basis as married partners.

* Immediate family here does not include:
Self, Grandparents, Parents-in-law, Grandchildren


In LMS schools, requests are dealt with by the Governors. In non-LMS schools and services, they are dealt with by the LEA.

The Headteacher/Manager needs to be informed of the time requested, but not necessarily of the reason.


There is a right of appeal against all decisions relating to leave of absence.