Scale of Sick Pay (quoted from the Bradford LEA Conditions of Service for Teachers)

9.1.1 Subject to the provisions of this scheme, a teacher absent from duty owing to his/her illness (which term is deemed to include injury or other disability) shall be entitled to receive in any period of one year an allowance in accordance with the following scale:

This scale is to be regarded as a minimum and the governors have discretion to extend its application in any individual case after consultation with the Council.

"Service" here means recognised teaching service with any Local Education Authority, and such other period of employment as the Council may approve.

For the purpose of sick pay, a year runs from April 1st to March 31st. Any teacher absent on March 31st does not obtain a fresh entitlement on April 1st if he/she is still off work ill. They are still using up the previous year's entitlement until they return to work.

Sick leave in the same year in a previous Authority also counts against the entitlement.

Long term absence

In some circumstances the entitlement to paid sick leave can be extended. Contact the Bradford NUT Office for assistance if a teacher's paid sick leave is running out.

Absence resulting from an accident at work gives enhanced sick pay entitlement. Contact the office if you are absent for an extended period following an accident.

Various pay and benefit complications can arise when a teacher is absent for long enough to exhaust her/his entitlement to full pay, and the Bradford Office or the NUT Regional Office should be consulted.

Teachers asked to resign on health grounds or contemplating doing so should never act without seeking Union advice. Large amounts of pay and/or pension can be lost by hasty action.

Teachers referred to the Occupational Health Unit by their headteachers should contact the Union Office before attending.

Bullying at work


Does this affect you or someone you know?

Bullying has become more widespread in schools as stressed managers pass the pressure on. Bullying is not 'effective management'. It should not be tolerated in schools.

Bullying includes

Bullies often target victims in "sequence" - having subdued one person they then move to another. Is there evidence of bullying at your school? Personal confrontation of a bully is only likely to succeed in the early stages of the problem and victims should seek support.

If you think you may be being bullied :


TELEPHONE: 414664.