What Are Your Conditions of Service?

"Conditions of Service" is the name given to the terms on which teachers are collectively employed. Some of these have been determined nationally - imposed by the Government in recent years, negotiated between Local Authorities and Unions prior to that; some improvements on these national conditions have been negotiated in Bradford. In addition there are local agreements on aspects of teachers' employment not covered by the national schemes. All employees also have legal rights, which may not be spelled out in these conditions of service but nevertheless apply to teachers.

The national and local conditions of service applying to teachers in Bradford are contained in a manual produced by the Local Authority entitled "Conditions of Service for teachers in Locally Managed Schools". This must be made available to staff and a copy should be placed in the staffroom. This manual is referred to in your letter of appointment to your job, and therefore forms part of your contract. Schools are also supplied with a booklet titled "Personnel Manual of Guidance" which sets out the law and suggested good practice in relation to matters over which Governors have power in LMS schools - i.e. appointments, dismissals, disciplinary procedures and grievance procedures.

Both the Conditions of Service Manual and the Personnel Manual of Guidance were drawn up in consultation with the NUT and other teachers' organisations, and contain many useful safeguards for teachers. Some extracts from them are quoted on this website. What we have not quoted should, however, be treated with caution. There is for instance detailed information on maternity leave and disciplinary and grievance procedures. We would not advise NUT reps or individual members to deal with these issues on their own, since there are pitfalls that only previous experience can bring to light.

Bullying at work


Does this affect you or someone you know?

Bullying has become more widespread in schools as stressed managers pass the pressure on. Bullying is not 'effective management'. It should not be tolerated in schools.

Bullying includes

Bullies often target victims in "sequence" - having subdued one person they then move to another. Is there evidence of bullying at your school? Personal confrontation of a bully is only likely to succeed in the early stages of the problem and victims should seek support.

If you think you may be being bullied :


TELEPHONE: 414664.