There are Health and Safety regulations which must be followed when a woman is pregnant and at work, or when she returns to work after taking maternity leave, or if she is breastfeeding.

An employer must ensure that they have conducted a Risk Assessment specific to the employee, taking into consideration any risks that there may be to the health and safety of the employee or their baby.

See the NUT checklist giving the sorts of risks a pregnant teacher should be wary of by following the link below.




A very comprehensive guide which will answer most questions can be seen on the Health and Safety Executive's website. Follow the link below.

A Guide for New and expectant mothers who work

The guide contains advice on, for example:-

What the most common risks are.

Alterations to working hours.

Facilities for taking rests.

What to do if risks to health cannot be removed.


The HSE has set up a new website (March 07) where further advice can be sought. It has FAQs, you can chat to an adviser and read some case studies. Follow the link below.

Health and safety for new and expectant mothers


The TUC has produced detailed online guidance on pregnancy and risk assessments. Follow the link below.

TUC Guidance online


If any member has any difficulties agreeing suitable arrangements at their school please contact the Bradford NUT Office on 01274 414664.

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New and Expectant Mothers at Work


“Maternity Matters” is the NUT’s guide to teachers’ maternity rights. It aims to
explain, as simply as possible, the various maternity and parental rights available
to all teachers, whether full or part time. Follow the link below.