Schools should inform school Reps in good time before any building work begins.

Without doubt building work or the presence of builders and contractors on school sites presents the greatest danger to the safety of both staff and pupils when this work is done whilst the school is in session.

Works in Individual classrooms

In general terms if a joiner, electrician, plumber etc. is working in a classroom that room should be vacated. This includes glaziers, so if windows are being replaced in a classroom staff and children should not work in that room.

Roofing is one of the more dangerous situations. There is an instruction from the Authority that rooms immediately below where tarring is taking place should be evacuated. However all roofing work presents a high risk and greater than usual care is required to avoid accidents.

The Union has continually pressed the authority for meetings involving safety reps when major work is to be conducted whilst there is the possibility of the school being in use. This would include major work scheduled for over a holiday that is so tightly organised that any delay would cause an over-run into term time.

Should there be work taking place that in your view places children at risk the general advice would be to request another room and if you deem it appropriate, contact the office. Should you become aware that major works are to take place as defined above please contact the office; a Union safety rep is generally available at the end of the phone.

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