A recent H.S.E. statistic showed that 46% of all accidents (to both staff and pupils) that resulted in 3 or more days off school were due to slips, trips or falls on flat or level floor surfaces.

Quite often there is an attempt to blame the individual involved - usually by saying that they had the wrong type of shoes, or that the shoes that they wore had the wrong type of soles. The Union would by and large reject this spurious, evasive defence. If any member is injured due to slipping, reject this argument and contact the Union Office.

Such injuries are usually the result of factors beyond the teacher's control. The commonest causes of accidents are:-

Should there be even a suspicion of a poor or slippery floor surface please ensure that :-

  1. all slips etc. are recorded in the accident book
  2. that all safety reps are made aware on their routine visits
  3. in extreme cases contact the NUT Office.

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