Routine Inspections

NUT, NASUWT & ATL have taken the decision to run a cluster system for routine trade union health and safety inspections. We have also agreed to try to avoid the duplication of work. Therefore in Upper Schools there will be one formal trade union health and safety inspection per half term. In all other schools and establishments there should be one inspection per term. During an inspection you should be able to highlight any health, safety or welfare concerns that you may have.

These inspections are a legal right and cannot be prevented by school managements or by governors.

Emergencies, Accidents and Other Concerns

In cases outside of routine inspections contact the union office, especially when a Union member is injured.


School Safety Officers and Committees

No member should take on any post of responsibility for Health & Safety. The reasons for this are:-

  1. correctly accredited trade union safety representatives enjoy considerable rights and immunities, that do not apply to others.
  2. a legal liability can be faced by school safety officers. Should such a job be advertised or any pressure be applied to anyone to accept such a post please contact the NUT Office.

The Local Education Authority retains primary responsibility for health & safety in maintained schools, though school governors and managers do have additional responsibilities resulting from the delegation of budgets and powers. It is the view of the Union that the management of health and safety within the school should be at the highest level and should not be delegated downwards.

Our employer has set up a Teachers' Safety Committee in line with the law. It is our view that LEA schools should not set up their own unofficial safety committee. Should there be any attempt by a school to set up such a committee, please contact the union office.

The "Green" File. (The Schools' Safety Manual)

The Safety Section of the Authority has produced a file of guidance for schools. It is entitled "Health and Safety At work, Schools Manual". It is to be stored in a place where it is easily accessible to all those who need it, usually the school office. There is useful advice in this file and all employees have the right to access it. The Union would not necessarily agree with all that is in the file but by and large it represents a good starting position and does contain information that is useful to maintaining good working conditions.

"Asbestos Register"

Also held in the school office is the "Asbestos Report" which should be reffered to whenever work is planned within the school to ensure the material is not disturbed by accident. Staff should familiarise themselves with the location of asbestos so that any damage can be reported promptly. A management regime has to be in place within the school to monitor asbestos material.

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