Science Risk Assessments

The responsibility for ensuring that risk assessments are carried out rests with the employer (the headteacher), who may delegate the duty to a ‘competent person’, ie someone who has access to support from H&S professionals and who has had training. Whilst, in many cases, science teachers may have an input into the content of risk assessments, they do not carry the overall responsibility for them.



CLEAPPS has recently revised its guidance document ‘Managing Risk Assessment in Science’. This publication provides comprehensive coverage of the topic, and although it does not contain major changes from the previous edition, it has been updated in the light of legislative changes and recent court cases. The booklet comes with the endorsement of the HSE and can be obtained from CLEAPPS Publications at CLEAPPS School Science Service, Brunel University, Uxbridge, UB8 3PH, Tel. 01895 814372. A small handling charge is payable.


CLEAPPS website address is and you need the password to gain access to some areas. You will be asked for the password and user name from the science disc that Bradford LEA secondary schools are given each year and which changes. For dt assessments go in secondary schools then members only area and miscellaneous downloads. Alternatively you can send an email to to request the password (include your school/department name and postcode in the message so that they can confirm membership status).