Guidance for NUT Members re: TLRs and Management Allowances

Your Pay and Conditions May Be At Risk - Can We Help?


During this term your school, like every other school that operates under the School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions document, is having to carry out a review of its staffing structure. As part of this Review, Management Allowances will be removed from the structure, and a new kind of payment called a Teaching and Learning Responsibility Payment (TLR) will be introduced. More details of the value of these payments and what they can be awarded for follow below.


Headteachers and Governors are required to consult both their staff as individuals, and their union representatives, about their plans for any changes.


We have now reached the point where all schools should have published a timetable for consulting on these changes and implementing them. Schools should also by now have produced a first draft of their proposed new staffing structure, and drawn it to the attention of all staff.


It should be clear


It should be possible for you to see how your existing post is affected.


It is important that you are aware of this process because, in our experience so far, any of the following things might happen to an individual teacher:


  1. You may have a Management Allowance or a position on the leadership spine, and your post may be removed or given a lower value. In this case you salary will only be protected for a maximum of three years. It may be protected for less time, or even none at all if your Allowance is temporary.
  2. A post the same as, or very like, your current post may appear in the new structure, and it may be suggested that all staff can apply for it.
  3. You may be asked to compete with other current allowance holders for a smaller number of promoted posts
  4. You may be asked to undertake curriculum or other responsibilities without any additional payment.
  5. Your post may be changed from a Management Allowance to a point on the leadership spine with different conditions of service
  6. If you are not promoted at the moment, your future prospects of promotion may be affected by a cut in the number of promoted posts in your school.


It is our job as a Union to do our best to protect you in these circumstances. We did not sign up to these changes because of the way they are being done. We will do our best to ensure that no teacher loses pay or has a change to their job that they do not want.


To do this, we need to know that you have a problem. If you have a school NUT Representative, they may be the best first point of contact, but you can always contact us at the NUT Office (see Contact Details on our home page).


We are providing a number of opportunities for members and School NUT Representatives to come and discuss their particular situations with us.














Do not wait until then if you need help sooner.


Yours sincerely,




Ian Murch

Bradford NUT Secretary 11/10/05



TLRs and Management Allowances


On or before 31 st December 2005 , all school governing bodies must carry out a review of their staffing arrangements. This includes all teaching and support staff.


As a result of the review, and with effect from that date, Teaching and Learning Responsibility Payments (TLRs) may be awarded to classroom teachers. No new Management Allowances can be awarded, and existing Management Allowances will be phased out.


There are two types of these TLR payments: TLR1 and TLR2.


To get a TLR2 a teacher must carry out “a significant responsibility that is not required of all classroom teachers and


To get a TLR1, a teacher must also have “line management responsibility for a significant number of people”.


It is easy to see how these criteria may be used to end payments to some teachers.


TLR2s can be awarded within the range of £2,250 to £5,500.

TLR1s can be awarded in the range of £6,500 to £11,000.


Within either of these ranges, a school can award more than one value of payment. If it does so, the difference between payments in the range must be at least £1,500.


Existing Management Allowance 1 is worth £1,638, having been frozen for 2 years.

Existing Management Allowance 3 is worth £5,688.


Management Allowance holders who do not get a TLR, and those who get a TLR worth less than their Management Allowance will not have their salary protected beyond December 2008. The protected element will be lost in less than 3 years if any subsequent movement up the main scale or the Upper Pay Spine, or any promotion, exceeds its value.


ATL, NASUWT and PAT profess to be pleased with this new system, which they have signed up to.


TLR School Reps Training -Friday Nov 4th, at the Holiday Inn, Bradford from 1.15 to 3pm . (Lunch provided from 12.30) – try to get someone to attend if the Rep is not able to.

Drop in advice sessions

3:00pm to 5:30pm :

Tuesday 1 st November, Bradford NUT Office 22 Edmund Street Bradford.

Wednesday 2 nd November, Room NO3, Keighley College.