Minutes of the Action Committee Meeting held on 15th May, 2008

Present: Ian Murch, James Dean, Steve Boddy, Alison Hill and Steve Pickles.

Apologies: Dennis White, David Irons, Deane Narayn-Lee, Azar Iqbal, Alex Leggat, John Howarth (left early).

Discussion: Across the country many well supported rallies on the 24th April strike day.

Here very strong in Secondary and in some Primaries. Positive response from many Heads.

Difficult in some schools – eg one Head reported as saying ‘not allowed to strike in this school’. Odd rumours e.g. no one striking in Keighley, though many did.

Membership – to date more have joined (including previously lapsed) than left. A lot of young teachers have joined up from last year.

James reported youngest teachers keenest to strike in his school.

Next ballot will be to authorise more than a 1 day strike.


AOB: Next meeting 17th June 4.30 at NUT office