Apologies: Kev Green, Miriam Murch, Viv Huddlestone.


Minutes: Approved with no matters arising.


Correspondence :

- Deane interested in ID meeting 8-10 th July.

- Tsunami appeal £500.


Annual Report and Balance Sheet:

Ian Murch presented his annual report and noted our continuing rise in membership. Report approved.


John Howarth presented the 2004 balance sheet and estimated budget for 2005 which was accepted.

Installation of new President Steven Pickles.


Election Results - Officers elected unopposed.

- Committee

- Conference


Reports on Issues for Negotiation


Pensions – Consultation complete – 50,000 postcards sent back. £2,000 replied to consultation that was complex and time consuming. TUC day of action 18/2 (during half term).

Executive to decide about a strike.

Campaign Teacher is informing people of this.




Academies – 6 0r 7 see schools to be pressurised into it. Officers to send info/discuss with likely schools.


MAs & Safeguarding – We will know soon from STRB report. HoY are the big worry.


Conference Motions


3,4,20,46,51,52 – Prioritised.


26 & 36 – also ran.




Support Jim Miller for CBC.

Steve ??? & Carol Summerill renominated as auditors.

Jeremy, Helen, Vernon , Stuart, Ray, Chris, Dennis, Jane, John, Ian , Mo. – Scrutineers.

Equal Ops – Jeremy, Helen, Irshad, Deane.

Membership Sub Committee – Officers.


Delegates to local TUCs


Keighley – Stuart, Steve, Ian , Mo.


Bradford – Dennis White, Ian Murch, Chris Cheetham, James Dean, Irshad, Jane.


PAC as before.


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