Apologies: Miriam Murch, Jane Rendle.


Minutes: Minutes of last AGM – Agreed.


Correspondence : Affiliation to Cuba Solidarity Campaign – Agreed.

H & S Meeting – send delegates – Agreed.


Annual Report and Balance Sheet: Accepted – Expenditure proposals – Proposed: Stuart Davies Seconded: Steve Boddy.


Installation of new President Dennis White .


Election Results - Officers elected unopposed.

- Vacancy for Vice President.

- Committee members elected unopposed and there are still places

- Conference – all who wanted to attend can do so

President paid tribute to Steve Pickles presiding.




TLR’s – indicative ballots at Oakbank and Queensbury. NUT has been successful so far in schools where strikes taken place.


Academies – Public meeting to be held on February 7 th.

Leafleting & publicity discussed. Christine Blower to speak, others to be invited.


Pensions – Looks like new entrants in September can be part of existing scheme.


Prioritisation ofConference Motions


No 2 - Workload

No 18 - OFSTED

No 42 – Academies

No. 54 – Communications

No 61 – Salaries

No 62 – Pensions


Conference Business Committee Ian Murch nominated Gill Goodswen. Seconded Pat Sherry.




Auditors – Carol Summerill and Steve Harrison.

Scrutineers – Committee members.

Equal Opportunities – open meeting.

Trades Council –

Bradford - Dennis White, Ian Murch, James Dean.

Keighley – Stuart Davies, Mo Owen, Steve Boddy, Ian Murch.


PAC – Stuart Davies, Jeremy Gibbon, Helen Chapman, Jane Rendle, Vernon Addison.


A.O.B. – To support Stop the War Demonstration in London March 18 th. Proposed: Stuart Davies Seconded: Jeremy Gibbon.


Support for Kashmir earthquake victims.