Apologies: Quentin Deakin, Jim Cartwright, Miriam Murch, Chris Cheetam and Denis White.

Opened as a Committee Meeting.

Minutes: Agreed the minutes of the 2007 AGM as a true record with no new matters arising. Agreed to separate out AGM business from ordinary business in the minutes, first to be presented at the 2009 AGM and the second in February 2008.

Correspondence :

Reports on Pay :

Ian reported on the detail of the 3year pay settlement. The Review Body’s findings were accepted in full. For us 2.45% this year, and 2.3% in next 2 years. In London it is higher with a higher starting salary and bigger increases on the UPS, for each of the next 3 years.

This time the trigger mechanism is for an alternative review each year.

We have surveyed 500 teachers and so far have 65 returns 46 for strike action – 19 against. Less than strike 52% only 2 against all action.

The Executive will decide on Thursday whether to ballot for action. Possibly ballot before half term, action before Easter or ballot after half term, action after Easter.

Agreed to hold a meeting 26 February in a larger venue to build for a ballot, to set up an Action Committee to run it: Steve Boddy, Jo Hill, Jeremy Gibbobn, Steve Pickles, James Dean, Alison Hill, Alex Leggat.

Pay Motion proposed James Dean, Seconded Ian Murch – passed unanimously.

Prioritisation ofConference Motions:

7) Class Size. For 16

8) Workload. For 16

30) Children’s Self Esteem & Wellbeing. For 12

52) Anti Racism. For 17

65) Support for Local Associations & Divisions. For 15

67) Public Sector Pay Freeze. For 15

68) Access to ill health retirement. For 7

55) War. For 4


Meeting closed at 6.30pm.