Minutes of the General Meeting held on 17th April, 2008

At the start of the meeting Ian said a few words about Steve Sinnott, his devotion to the Union, and commitment to teachers and their organisations around the world. He had been a very unifying force in the Union – without him it would have been very difficult to organise the strike.

The meeting agreed donations of £250 each to ‘No more Landmines’ and the Global Campaign For Education.


Apologies : Claire Clarke (All Saints Ilkley), Alex Legget (Ilkley Grammar), Jim Cartwright, Kulwant Singh, Helen Owen.

Minutes: Agreed as a true record. All matters arising are on the agenda.

Correspondence : Stuart drew 3 to our attention:-

Reports and Discussions

The Pay Campaign

Ian gave some statistics on pay/price comparisons. Including that the average rise in student loan interest for a year is greater than whole of the net pay rise they would have got.

UCU in Bradford, Shipley & Keighley colleges also striking on 24 th April, as is PCS.

Explained the strike was not a protest. but intended to have a real effect on pay. Also would force the Government to be more respectful of teachers and education.

The trigger mechanism has been tripped because of an increase of 4% in the Retail Price Index compared with our 2.5% pay increase, and we should expect this action to focus the Government’s attention.

The rally at Bardford City 10.30 – 11.30 next Thursday (jointly with UCU). PCS also sending a speaker.

Advice from EB re employing supply teachers to cover for strikers was illegal and we had successfully challenged it.

Questions and Answers and a lengthy discussion on strategy ensued. All indicated their support for the action.


Academies and Trusts

Academies: The Council Executive will meet to confirm the closure of Rhodesway next Tuesday and to start the consultation to close Wyke Manor and High Fernley Primary to be replaced by a 3 – 16 Academy, run by Bradford College with involvement from Dixons.

This is particularly worrying because Dixons have not allowed Union representation for negotiations.

Trusts: First Bradford consultation for a Trust school happened yesterday at Challenge. Would mean a transfer of employment. Staff don’t want it. Would affect admissions.

Chris; Large majority (95+%) of staff at Rhodesway don’t want it Academy.

The affects fo wider than Rhodesway – will affect other schools.

Need a lobby next Tuesday.


Young Teacher Conference in May – we would sponsor up to 4 people.

Education for Liberation 14 th June

Next meeting 24 th June.