13th DECEMBER, 2005

Apologies – Saleh Rahman, Miriam Murch, Jeremy Gibbon.


Minutes of last meeting - accepted as a true record.


Matters Arising

Academies - Bradford has 1, the CTC, and another on track for September 2006 ( Bradford Cathedral Community College). Also focussing on Rhodesway and Wyke. Lords Bhattia and Adonis have visited. Agreed: hold a public meeting on Academies.



Ian reported balloting at one school in Bradford , with a days strike today at a school in Calderdale. Other problems in certain schools were discussed.


Teacher Support Network – Steve Boddy nominated for regional representative on the National Council.



The Government is still firm on its commitment to present teachers in the scheme. Agreed a special pension meeting for the future.



Freeze of 2.5% over 2 years highlighted.


Financial Report

John presented a report:

- Proposed our contribution to the National Officers campaign be set at a maximum of £2,500. Agreed.

- Agreed £140 for the retirement “do” of a Regional Officer, Tony Woodward

- Purchase of a chair lift for the Office - Agreed

- 6 items written off.

- Annual Conference delegates will fly to conference if suitable flights available.

- Young Teachers’ Conference – we will send and pay for up to 6 people.


Kashmir Earthquake

Zaid came to speak from the Yorkshire Office of Islamic Relief who are co-ordinating aid. Helping 100 UK schools to link with 100 schools in the earthquake area. We will get involved with this when it gets started in March 2006.