Minutes of the General Meeting held on 27th February, 2007  

Apologies : Mary Compton, John Howarth, James Dean, Deane Naryan Lee, Chris Cheetham, Paul MacDougal, Paul Sowden, Kath Lyttle.

Minutes 5th December : Agreed as true record.

Matters arising :

Anti Racist Project 2 proposals have been received so far:-

Equal Opportunity Committee to award both projects this year and award next one after 2 years, if projects are viable and relevant.

£5,000 for donation to linking schools project will be secured from the National Union – Agreed.


Reports and Discussions

Globalisation in Education

Mary Compton to be invited to a future meeting.

Trust Schools

Challenge College is to consider becoming a Trust School. The Government wants to remove schools from being the asset of the community they serve and place them into the ownership of individuals. Through Trust Status a group of people, or a company or a religious organisation can be given the rights to make decisions about its running by the Governing Body voting to award this status. Employees are employed by LEA currently who would have large bite for any redundancies. Can set its own admission arrangements so planning services coherently become difficult for the LEA.

A selective competitive system will be created.

No parental vote is necessary.

Concerns raised about moves by Laisterdyke to change its admissions.

Officers to contact teachers and Governors explaining NUT position. Agreed.

Education, Jobs and Issues for Bradford

Annual Conference Motion Amendments

Motion 11 (False Allegations)

“ “ 13 (Planning)

“ “ 23 (BSF & Academies)

“ “ 24 (Climate Change)

“ “ 30 (Racism)

“ “ 35 (PRP)

Agreed to submit all 6 amendments.