Minutes of the General Meeting held on 26th February, 2008

Apologies : Philomena Lorriman, Dennis White.

Minutes : Must amend minutes of last meeting to include Quentin Deakin’s apologies.

Matters arising : None


Anti-academies alliance Conference Sat 8 th March, London

NUT National Education Conference 5 th-6 th July

Reports and Discussions:

National Ballot on Action over Pay

Pay Action Committee met, minutes presented at meeting.

Ian Murch – There are plans to give pay rises that differ across the country because of shortages of teachers in some areas. Recruitment and retention is an issue in some schools and is not a geographical issue alone. Thee are fewer TLR’s than there were ‘allowances’ and protection runs out in December. Holding a ballot, 2 significant issues are 1) turnout and 2) % age in favour. When these are known the Executive will decide what to do. We need 35% turnout before action is likely to be called. RPI, prices 4,1% higher last month than they had been a year earlier. Average starter home is 4.4 times the average teacher’s salary.

Sent to school:- letter to members, mugs, pens, campaign teacher, postcards, newsletters etc etc.

UCU likely to be balloting same time as us. Joint meeting for West Yorkshire arranged for 11 th March.
Training fro Reps on what to expect when a strike happens.

Ballot papers due out 28 th February, deadline 31st March. Action 24 th April.

Reminders to members during this period – “don’t abstain”.

FAQ’s – pay deduction (1/365 days pay deducted), part timers. Heads will try and bully staff – the Union should consider legal action against them. We will talk to meeting of heads.

Will organise a rally and possible a regional meeting in March.

If strike action goes ahead, will call meeting for all Reps.

Pay Action Committee next meeting 11 th March 4,15pm.

Amendments to Annual Conference 2008

Amendments to motions:-

2 – ‘Maximum Class Size’

42 – ‘Academies’

43 – ‘Inclusive Education’

60 – ‘Young Teachers’

All carried.

Academies and Trusts

Formal stage of closing Rhodesway and opening an Academy run by Dixons has begun. Dixons does not currently recognise Trade Unions, they set their own Pay and Conditions and these are not the same as ours. Monday 3 rd March is a meeting between head of Dixons and staff at Rhodesway. Rhodesway staff just as determined to fight this proposal, as they fought the one from EDUTRUST. Rhodesway staff are angry with the LEA for not supporting the school.


* “Rebuilding Primary Schools for the next Decade” – info request.

* Unison’s action.