Apologies Jim Cartwright, Irshad Ahmed, Carol Summerhill, and Stuart Davies.


Minutes Agreed as a true record.


Matters Arising


- Anti-Sats meeting 12 th June – Agreed to send Dennis White and Ian Murch.

- Ian Murch reported on a lobby of 4 local MPs (Chris Leslie refused to meet us) which we organised to which NASUWT, ATL, AUT also came. 3 of the MPs did not appear to know much about the increase of retirement age in the public sector in the pensions bill. They said people were not up in arms about this, and they would have to get a lot more complaints to believe it was a major issue. National Demo 19 th June (TUC) which we agreed to support.




Cover supervisors: from September 2004 teachers cover a maximum of 38 hours o year. Union ’s advice is not to cooperate with cover supervisors. We must do more to inform parents – write a leaflet and letter to teacher governors/chair of governors. Advertise in the Telegraph and Argus.




- We will send out information about temporariness of new management allowances.

- UP3 progression rules discussed – we will send info about this and threshold.

- GTC fees.


Racism and Schools


BNP very active in West Yorkshire . In Calderdale leaflets are being given to pupils (Secondary and Primary) at school gates.

Agreed to talk to David Ward, Education Portfolio holder.

Awareness raising abour Asylum – conference week of 20 th June.


Annual Conference


Delegates gave their impressions. Everyone enjoyed the hustings. Some very important issues were discussed.




Agreed to affiliate to ‘Justice for Columbia ’.

Ageed to nominate Miriam for the National NUT H & S Working Party.

Mixenden – Ian reported on Calderdale NUT’s activities in support of the Save Mixenden School campaign.

Unite against Fascism – launch this Thursday in Bradford . - Agreed £50 donation for them.




- 26 th June meeting to pressure Union into acting on Conference decisions – agreed to sponsor and send delegates.

- Audit carried out with Carol Summerhill in place of Dot Kelly who was ill. Confirmed.


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