Minutes of the General Meeting held on June 20th 2006

Apologies: Stuart Davies, Kulwait Singh(late), Azar Iqbal, Ray Sutcliffe, Miriam Murch.

Meeting opened quorate (20)

Minutes: Approved

Matters arising: -

Geoff Robinson’s Memorial. 2 ideas (1) a bursary in his name for anti-facist, anti-racist projects in schools (2) disseminate his book. Officers to work this up further and liaise with his family.

The pension ballot 44,000+ yes, 541 no
From 1 st January - benefits for unmarried partners


Stop the War Conference and National Demonstration 23 rd September in Manchester . Motion proposed by James Dean and seconded by Chris Cheetham.

A lively deabate led to the motion carried with 6 abstentions.

Decided to organise transport with CND

Refer motion to the Trades Council.

Education Bill - no amendments carried – the commons 69 Labour MPs opposed Governement on one amendment.

Ian spoke to meeting of Labour MPs in London – they understood the issues.

He will continue the lobby on 27th June.

A stall in the city centre on 10th June.

Letters to MPs and Lords.

Present admissions code out for consultation.

Decided to try to call a West Yorkshire Representatives meeting.


Academies Campaign at Rhodesway Involve everyone all staff – the school and now moving to involve parents. Began to take off once staff took on board what was happening.


Illnesses and Epidemics in schools


Nab Wood, Iqra still having problems this term.


Excessive Workload, Cover and PPA Time


BCCC – No PPA, teachers invigilating do have cover supersivors.


Consultation out at the moment about observations – until 1 st July – says 3hrs/year for p.m.

Statutory guidelines will follow and pm will have the result in a statement for pay progression.


Too many observations, informal visits etc.

- Need whole school guidance on how to supportively institute this Sep.

- NUT guidance out in September.

- Special School Reorganisation

Creeps on apace.



Small numbers of teachers redundant ……………


Fresh start schools – processes no followed ……………. We will ballot.


Catholic Reorganisation


Proposal to clase YM, STB, & StJ and open a large new school across STB & StJ sites in September 2008 with 2,900 pupils …1,500.


Vote of thanks to Helen Chapman,