Minutes of the General Meeting held on 8 th May, 2007

Apologies : Maria Rainczuk, Stuart Davies, Jim Cartwright, Patrick Murphy.

Minutes : Agreed are a true record.

Matters arising :

Anti Racist Project - Decided to award Grange £600, Tong £400.

Local Elections Lab. Increase 37 to 39 seats

Cons. Decrease 33 to 32 seats

Labour may be rethinking policy of not going into coalition government.

We will approach leader of all parties.

School Reps Training – 2 days held one for Primary Reps and one for Secondary Reps. Attempting to reach remaining Secondary Reps.

Teacher Mental Health Meeting – ISP (Intensifying Support Project) causing a lot of stress. Some Bradford Schools involved. Will write to these schools asking if there are concerns.

Retirement of Malcolm Anderson - £200 donated at last meeting towards his retirement. Held functions at Stoke Rochford and at Conference. Cost was more than anticipated. Areas in region being asked to increase their donations. Bradford to make good the deficit to a max of another £220. Will pay the bills in the interim. Agreed.


Ealing Teachers Association - Trip to Cuba, exchange visit for 15 pupils at a Cuban school. Asking for donation of £100. Agreed.

Paul’s Journey – Booklet. Gone to schools.

Education for Liberation Conference – 16th June in London. To pay expenses of delegates. Those who wish to attend and to contact NUT office. Irshad Ahmed wished to attend – Agreed.

Reports and Discussions

  1. 5 Year Pay Freeze
    Graph provided showing, inflation 05 – 07.
    2.5% pay rise awarded to public sector workers. Government wants next settlement to be a 3 year settlement.
    1.7% per year for 3 years looks likely.
    Private sector settlements much higher.
    Views sought about preparedness to take industrial action.
    Indicative Ballot paper considered, plus background document.
    Requested add another question. “ What other action would you be prepared to take?"
  2. Workload
    Union guidance documents have gone to schools.
    What are the issues? Primary – Planning, 1265hrs.
    ‘Excellence & Enjoyment’ provides Planning advice which is useful.
    Next newsletter to have guidance on planning and lesson observations. Performance Management Policy should be in place in every school from next September. Includes up to 3hrs lesson observations per year (agreed in RIGG). ‘Drop In’ observations are very worrying. NUT advice to go to schools this week.
  3. Pupil Behaviour and False Allegations
    Issues came up during the debate at Conference. CRB checks may throw up ‘intelligence’ on teachers which include allegations, even ones which have been proved to be malicious. You have a right to see your own CRB. We will collect data about prevalence of allegations. Seem to be on the increase.
  4. Academies & Trust Schools
    Marmaduke Pickthall Academy – Moslem pupils. The DFES is supporting it but it has not got political support in Bradford.
    Wyke Manor is a potential Academy but the HSE deem site not to be safe.
    5 Academies at least is Government’s target in Bradford.
    Oldham NUT wish to invite someone from Rhodesway.
    Rhodesway – Lord Bhatia reviewing his plans. Committee of Enquiry to be held, Ian, Chris Cheetham and a parent to go to the House of Commons to be questioned about consultation process.
    There are 2 Trust School proposals in Bradford:-


Meeting closed at 6.38pm.