20 members present


K. Greene, J. Moon.

Items of A.O.B. agreed to be added to Agenda:

Race Hate Project
F. Robinson’s replacement
Young Teachers Conference
Time Off Religious Observation
Arson, Vandalism, etc.
Black Teachers Conference
Trades Council Report


Accepted as a true record.

Mattters Arising:

Privatisation of Council housing - ballot agreed to transfer housing. We will pay the agreed sum to Bradford TUC for its anti-privatisation campaign if required.

New photocopier/printer made work in office more efficient. This will mean we can revise the School Reps’ Handbook and send to Reps for September 2002.

Nominations to new National H & S Working Group:

Miriam Murch was nominated.

Annual Conference 2002

Liz Freeman reported as a first-time delegate.
Issues discussed relating to successful motions – teachers workload and action to secure reductions; faith schools; threshold and upper pay spine; professional unity;


  1. Pupil behaviour. Description of what the Union can do to help teachers facing difficulties given. Discussion opened to floor. Many concerns expressed at situation in ‘inner city’ secondary schools post reorganisation.
  2. School trips. Attention drawn to sources of information and guidance given.
  3. Workload limits. All unions going to demand workload limits to 35 hours per week. Bureaucracy action still in force, we will reissue guidance to revitalise this action.
  4. Pay beyond the threshold. Joint NUT/NASUWT advice: No one should be disadvantaged by a system involving rationing of funds.
  5. Race hate project. 2 schools (different types) are wanted to trial materials for use in teaching.
  6. Paul Grist – Report on Trades Council – BNP targeting northern cities for support. Bradford Trades Council working to prevent growth of racism. This is costing money. Proposed to donate £200 to support this work. Proposed Paul Grist Seconded Ian Murch Agreed.
  7. Black Teachers’ Conference. Friday 17th – Sun 19th May. Nominations sought. Sending up to 4 people. Already have 2 willing to go. These were agreed.
  8. Young teachers weekend. W. Yorks, for NQT’s was very successful.
  9. Frank Robinson’s retirement after 20 years as TBF Secretary, purchase a gift. Up to £100. Agreed.
  10. Policies issues (Arson, vandalism etc.) We have taken action to get serious attempts made to minimise risks to staff from arson etc.
  11. Learning & Skills Council have imposed changes on Secondary school funding. Schools with high leaving rate after Year 11 will face difficulties as funding will be more skewed towards 6th Forms.
  12. SENCO workload – implication of ‘bidding’ process. Children with less than 49 units will have to have funding secured by bidding.
  13. Time off for Religious Observance. 2 days per Eid if in a teaching week ( 1 if weekend) for staff and pupils is expected to be agreed.
  14. Cathedral College. Our colleagues there need our support following return to Special Measures. Message to NUT members agreed from the meeting.


  1. NUT National Education Conference no one interested in attending.
  2. Petition from GMB. GMB trying to prevent the closure of the Silentnight bed factory with big job losses. Agreed to support.

Agreed to change date of next General & Committee Meeting to June 18th 2002.


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