Miriam Murch, Kev Green, Jane Moon.


Agreed to be a true record.

Matters Arising

School Holiday schedule for this year has been agreed in line with our amendments.

Next meeting of Bradford Achievement Forum is 6pm on Tuesday 18th at Carlton Bolling. All interested teachers are invited.

Conference Business Committee: Gill Godswen nominated.


Social Harmony

For each K.S. a working group will be set up with practicing classroom teachers for them to look at the citizenship curriculum. So far the LEA is non-committal on other curriculum area. The Cantle report on the 'riots' is due to be published tomorrow.


Serco have eliminated 120 posts from the previous structure. This has been achieved through natural wastage and a small number of voluntary severance packages. They say they will evaluate their new model against school satisfaction.

Violence to Teachers

There is a scheme for 20 schools most at risk of outside vandalism/intrusion to get added security systems. Police to help with this but have still not agreed to respond to calls from schools. We are getting more calls from assaulted teachers.

Cover & Teacher Shortages

We have still not been able to reach agreement with the LEA on advice to schools on how to operate the new national agreement on cover. An agreement had been reached at Buttershaw High and this was described.

ICT Strategy for the Office

Ian Murch presented a paper. Expenditure was agreed in line with proposals in the paper.

Agreed to fund 4 members for a NUT Young Teachers' weekend in Brighouse.
Agreed to re-affiliate to Keighley T.C.
Agreed to sponsor the Priestley for 100 per annum.

Meeting closed


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