20TH JUNE 2000.

The Meeting was inquorate.


Irshad Ahmed, Liz Freeman, Jane Rendle, Steve Goodfellow.

Minutes of Last Meeting

Could not be agreed as true record, as meeting inquorate.

Steve West from The Teachers' Group

Introduced himself, went through literature of the Teachers' group.

Petition about illegal Blockage of Cuba

Stuart Davies introduced this.



Guarantee of no redundancy for EMAG staff still being sought. We have explained that we will take industrial action should any NUT members be threatened with dismissal.Extranumerary placements of EMTAG teachers in Middle schools will be announced within next 2 weeks.

Other Reorganisation issues

Staff placement - still 160 unplaced teachers. Schools reporting high level of uncertainty about number of pupils and numbers of teachers needed.


Bovis haven't signed contract yet. A number of problems need addressing.

Opposing Performance Pay & Performance Management

There will be Annual target setting for teachers. Cambridge Education Associates will ensure this is happening in all schools. The National Union will need to have a lot of pressure put on it if it is to mount a serious campaign.

OFSTED Report on LEA

Consultants are preparing plans to privatise the delivery of educational services.Politicians having some role in this but cannot prevent it.

National NUT conference to discuss Privitisation - Nov 21st.

Meeting closed at 6.45pm.


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