Jenny Taylor, Deane Narayn-Lee

General Meeting not quorate



Agreement about the contact is expected this week. It then has to go the Council. Issues being discussed include staff who will transfer to SERCO and who will remain with LEA. SERCO have asked for a 10 year contract.

Attendence Quorate fr Committee, so went into Committee

Nominations for Regional representative on Review of Annual Conference Working Party.

Nomination - Tim Hales - Carried

National Officers Election. We will ballot members. Names received prior to meeting:
Vice President - Mary Compton & Bernard Regan
Treasurer - Ian Murch
Examiner of Accounts - Roger King and Alyson Palmer
Other names requested, none offered.
Treasurer explained our donation to National Officers Campaign last time was 1600.
Proposed: Jane Rendle, Seconded: Stuart Davies:
"If the named people are chosen by the association in the ballot, then we will donate 1600 to their campaogn." Carried

Education Policy Partnership

Jane Rendle volunteered to stand. Vote taken in support - Carried


Agreed as true record

Matters Arising

Leeds planning day - Jane reported it took place. Volunteers to work in Primary Planning sought

Supernumerary Teachers

Jane reported that since last Monday, figures gone to Chief Finance Officer with view to offering severance to everyone who is superumerary. Not compulsory redundancy.

Teacher Shortage & Cover

John reported on Briefing attended at Hamilton House. Concerns about what is happening since withdrawal of cover to contract action. Report being done to look into teachers' workload. To ease supply teacher shortage, discussions with NEOST, measures to solve crisis.
Where teachers are required to cover, teachers can 'bank' that cover for which they will be paid back.
Action we should take - write to the Union expressing alarm at the proposal. Get into talks with the Council about getting SERCO to set up a supply pool. - Agreed.

Bulidings and Split Site problems

Bring worries to Union

Temporary Contracts

Report by Ian Murch


New form is out. Website address in next newsletter. Review team to be in Bradford in near future. New guidance issued shortly.

Governments New Education Plans

The Union has concerns with many issues such as selection of pupils by the proposed new categories of schools.

Meeting closed at 6:44pm


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