Miriam Murch, Jenny Taylor, Kev Green, Jane Rendle (late arrival), Ian Murch (late arrival).


Minutes of Meeting on February 27th were approved.

Matters Arising

There were no matters arising.

Uncompleted Business of AGM

a) Minutes of last AGM were approved.
b) It was reported that one of the Auditors, Dot Kelly, was unable to fulfil the duty and that Mr. R. Pemberton had volunteered at short notice to fill in. The meeting confirmed Mr. Pemberton's appointment retrospectively.
c) Annual report and balance sheet were approved.
d) Jeremy Gibbon was installed as President for 2001.


Supernumerary Teachers

Ian Murch, Jane Rendle and John Howarth reported on Supernumerary teachers. The LEA are trying to match teachers with suitable vacancies. If 2 "suitable" offers are made and refused, voluntary severance will not be available. But an offer must be a formal offer by Governors at the end of a process. NUT will defend teaches who feel they are being pushed into unsuitable vacancies.

Building Work

Stuart Davies reported on building work, Safety Reps have been in to schools where there have been problems - members urged to notify office if they are worried about anything at their school.
In general, the Bovis projects are being managed more efficiently, in terms of helath and safety, than the others (Voluntary Aided Schools and accelerated projects).


Ian Murch reported on Privatisation. Ian and Jane had spent the day listening to the 4 bidders - SERCO, Nord Anglia, Capita and Ensign. They were unimpressed. The next stage is for the Council to reduce the field to two.
The Union believes that none of the bids are acceptable and hopes for non-appointment.

Teacher shortages

Ian reported on teacher shortages. Bradford had been given permission by the Action Committee to conduct a ballot on covering to contract.

Threshold & Performance Management

Jane Rendle reported. The appeals procedure has been held up because of the DfEE's inefficiency. Many people have still not been given reasons for having "failed to meet the standards" and so are still unable to appeal. Our advice is to delay appealing until the procedure is clarified.

Meeting closed at 6.45pm.


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