D. Farrell, M. Murch, Stuart Davies, Pat Sherry, Hazel Danson.

General meeting inquorate. Committee meeting opened.

Minutes of last meeting


Matters Arising

Schools received about the same funding as last year in real terms but shared differently. 10 or 11 teachers have been made redundant from their schools, but all are covered by the no compulsory redundancy agreement.


Pensions – Ian spoke to a paper he circulated. Government is quoting life expectancy and private sector pension changes to justify changes proposed for the teachers pension scheme. However there is no real comparison with the private sector since the teachers pension is not based on the stock exchange. Government determined to raise pension age to 65. Changes will impact on those currently under 50, predominantly. National Demo this term has been proposed.

Special Schools – LEA is consulting on how to assimilate staff into the proposed new schools in September 2006. Also appear willing to offer training to staff for the new posts. Members were sceptical about the lack of information about the proposed system and buildings.

New Teachers – There were only 85, cf 150 last year, at the LEA’s NQT meeting last week.

Remodelling the Workforce – Ian reported the NUT stance.

SATs boycott – Town centre stall 2 weeks on Saturday.


Pride in Education Conference – agreed to fund up to 4 delegates.


Supply Agencies – Reed International, E-teach and TMP (or Monster) short listed to manage Bradford LEA’s supply list, but Council to remain employer.

Holiday Schedule – Proposal to shorten summer and move Easter holiday. The meeting agreed the Union’s stance should be determined by our current survey of members.


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