Minutes of the General Meeting held on September 26th 2006

Apologies : M. Owen, I Ahmed, V Addison, Ian Murch (Union Business) and Kath Williams.

Minutes : Accepted.

Matters arising :

James met his MP on lobby.


James Dean moved ‘Organising for Fighting Unions’ Conference motion, Peter Moss seconded.

Amendment – proposed Jane Rendle; seconded John Howarth.

Delete all except 2 from “This branch resolves: Point 3 All that remains is “This branch resolves to pay for ……….delegation to the conference. (£10 per delegate)”

For 11 Against 7 Carried.

Motion carried as amended.



Welcome to new teachers.


Pay – John Howarth reported. Review by Oct 31 st. Also pay statement should have been received.


Trust Schools and Academies – Moved Jane Rendle, Seconded Jeremy Gibbon ‘Academies Conference’ Carried.


Jane Rendle reported Cathedral Academy moving forward, Threat at Rhodesway is real.

Stuart Davies reported on Academies from Scrutiny Committee position.


Trust Schools – move unknown as yet.

Ed. Bill goes back to Lords mid-late October.


Lobby City Centre – 21st October? To be organised.


Health and Safety


* Construction in schools – communications have not been followed as BSF begins,

* Booster seat legislation



* postcards to send to MPs re violence against women

* worksafe

* Black Teachers Conference – Anwar Sheikh, Saleh Rahman

* Bolton NUT – Agreed to put our name forward in support and refer the issue back to the next meeting.


Meeting ended at 6.20pm.