Newsletter - December 2003 No.2


Did you pass the Threshold in 2000/2001? Have you been assessed in order to proceed to Point 2 on the Upper Pay Spine? The answer is that if you have not, you should have been.
The salary of all teachers has to be reviewed every September by the school’s Governing body. As part of this process, all those teachers who passed the Threshold two years previously should be automatically considered for further progression on the Upper Pay spine.
Unlike the Threshold, you do not have to apply. If you are experiencing any difficulties please contact the office for advice and assistance.


Many of us will have read the article in the last Times Ed (December 5th), about the leaked document from the DfES, Workforce Reform – Blue Skies.
It says the Workforce Agreement gives schools new "freedoms", and describes a brave new world when the need for schools to have a full complement of qualified teachers is a thing of the past. Ultimately, a school could be staffed by just one qualified teacher, the Head, plus an army of classroom assistants.
Although Ministers have run away from the document since it was leaked, there is little doubt that Blue Skies reflects the Government’s cynical view of Workforce Reform, which is to use it as a vehicle for reducing the number of teachers employed and replacing them with much cheaper classroom assistants. The document vindicates, if any further indication is needed, the NUT’s refusal to join with the other teacher unions in signing up to the Workforce Agreement.


Missco, the private company which was appointed by the Ministry of Magic to run Hogwarts School, has a magic spell which has conned the Ministry good and proper.
Missco, remember, got the job of raising standards at Hogwarts by promising to hit lots of difficult targets, and agreeing to be paid on the basis of how many they hit.
Although nearly all of the targets were missed, their spell made the Ministry hand over even more money than they had originally agreed - and got them to make the targets much easier so they could hit them in future!
By chance, this amazing spell has fallen into our hands, and we recommend that all NUT members at Hogwarts use it if they do not meet their performance management targets.

Instructions For The Spell
Simply point your wand at the Head and use the incantation "Targetia mistikus."
There will be a bright flash and loads of money will fly from the school’s budget into your personal bank account.
Try it. Missco can do it, so it can’t be difficult.
(In the previous article, the company named Missco is totally fictitious and any similarities with the company which runs Bradford's schools are entirely accidental.)


The best of Christmas Day viewing from the new TV channel, Teachers TV.

9.00: The Demon Headmaster
In this special seasonal episode the school is praised by Ofsted for providing strong leadership. The children and staff can hardly believe it but what can they do?
11.00: Miliband in the Middle:
A repeat of the BBC’s popular but controversial bonfire night special originally broadcast live earlier this year. In a poll of teachers this was the most requested repeat.
5.00: Antiques Roadshow
A very informative, albeit brief, outline of some early retirement options for teachers.
5.01: That’s Your Lot:
Secretary of State for Education Charles Clarke gives us his views on the future of teachers’ pay and the problem of retention and recruitment.
7.00: Little Monsters
Darren and Wayne are now in Year 9 and in tonight’s episode they misunderstand Ms Evans’ encouragement to "aim higher" with hilarious results.


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